Dear Diary

A photo from several weeks ago of Quinn holding his little brother Marshall.

Dear Diary,

It was the first day of grade six today.  I got up really early to eat breakfast because I was so excited to see my new teacher.  He looked more nervous than I felt when we were eating breakfast.  Mom made us special pancakes for the first day of school.  Quinn didn’t really like them, but Dad made him eat them anyway.

Quinn is going to high school now, so he walks with his friends.  Before he left, he gave me a big hug and wished me good luck.  I said good luck to him too.  He promised that we would hang out together after school today and maybe play a board game together.  That would be awesome!

Last year, school was okay, but some of my classmates weren’t very nice to me.  They made fun of me and told me they didn’t want me hanging out.  Mom and Dad were really sad when they found out.  Dad told me about some of his old friends, and how everyone has to learn how to deal with people who they don’t get along with.  He told me I’d make some good friends sooner or later.  I ended up making some pretty great friends, but my favourite friend in the whole world is still my little orange cat, Wallace.  He’s getting pretty old now – he’s almost twenty!

Dad walked me to school before he had to go to his own school for work.  We didn’t say much.  When we got to school, he gave me a big hug and a kiss.  It was a little embarrassing, but I know how much he loves me and I didn’t have the heart to tell him not to do that in front of everyone.  I gave him a hug back before running into the schoolyard.  I saw some kids I know playing a game, so I walked towards them.  I turned around for a second, and Dad was standing by the gate, watching me.  I couldn’t tell if he was smiling or crying, but he lifted a hand and waved to me.  I waved back, and then he started walking to work with his hands in his pockets.

Maybe I’ll ask him if he wants to play a game with me and Quinn tonight.

I was in the mood for a little dreaming tonight.  Marshall has finally been discharged from the most recent stay at the hospital, so there will be sweet sleep in my own bed tonight.  It’s so hard not to think of his distant future and what it will bring.  

I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I can guarantee that I’m going to embarrass him on the first day of school every year with a hug.

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