My Brother Marshy – an interview with Quinn

Quinn giving Marshall a kiss.

Quinn is not yet four years-old, but he is starting to become aware that his brother might not be your average baby brother.  It was a tough start for both of them – Marshall because of the hospital stay and the early critical care he needed, but Quinn also had to deal with being shuffled off to the grandparents day after day, never being at home with his parents, and having a very disrupted schedule. I thought it might be interesting to sit down with Quinn and ask him a few questions about his little brother.

Dennis: QQ, what do you like about having Marshy as your baby brother?

Quinn: I love helping Mommy and Daddy with Marshy if he’s crying or fussy.

D: Is there anything you don’t like?

Q: I don’t like Marshy pinching me with his claws.  That’s what I don’t like, Daddy.  But I do like giving him hugs.  Batman loves giving HIS big brother hugs.

D: How do you help Mommy and Daddy with Marshy?

Q: I give him his bottle, I give him kisses, and I give him a hug and I give him his lovey.  And I tickle his feet.  That’s what I do to help you.

D: When Marshy gets a little older, what do you want to do with him?

Q: I want to play video games and games with him, like Walking Dead and everything.  That’s what I want to do with him when he grows up. (Note: I want to add that I have never shown him The Walking Dead.  I blame this on his mother.)

D: Marshy’s hands are a little bit different than yours.  Have you noticed that?  What do you think of them?

Q: They’re stuck together.  It’s not good.  I’ve got a question for YOU.  I love you and I love my whole family.

D: Marshy has spent a lot of time at the hospital.  What do you think of when he has to go there to stay overnight?

Q: It’s not good because the hospital the hospital is not fun.  Did you hear me?  The hospital is not fun.

D: Is there anything you want to say to people who are reading about you and Marshy on the computer right now?

Q: I love you Mommy, Daddy, Marshy, and the cats.  Nothing else.  That’s all of my questions.  I forgot one more thing.  I don’t want to wake Marshy up when he’s sleeping.  That’s all.


2 thoughts on “My Brother Marshy – an interview with Quinn

  1. QQ is insightful and compassionate beyond his years. I suspect his parents deserve a world of credit for nurturing these qualities. Love the interview and giving us a sense through QQ’s eyes!

    Marshy couldnt be in better hands. The Walking Dead loooool. 🙂


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