My new favourite photo of Marshall – blurry because he’s a fast little guy now.

Last week, Bridget decided to show Quinn the first Jurassic Park movie (more than two decades old, but still holds up decently, if you care for my opinion; “best film score ever” raves Bridget).  The best part of the movie wasn’t the movie itself, but rather it was the experience of watching Quinn’s reactions and thinking back to my own first viewing of the movie.  This feeling was even more pronounced when we watched Back to the Future together the next night – a movie that is as firmly in my Top 10 as The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Pretty In Pink, and Mannequin.  I could relate to all of the emotions he was exhibiting and his reactions to the parts he could understand.  It brought to mind incredibly vivid memories of watching it as a nine year-old and the instant love that blossomed in my heart for Marty and George McFly and all things 1955 (maybe the best year ever for rock music?).

Most parents, I suspect, have gone through similar experiences as their children, and this is a way to relate to your child.  How many times have our own parents said to us, “I made such and such mistake when I was your age.  Trust me.  I know.”

Well, with Marshall, there is so much to which I just cannot relate.  I can’t relate to his two surgeries – he’s got me beat 2 to 1, but regardless, his were far more serious than my broken leg.  I can’t relate to spending months in a hospital bed.  I can’t relate to being born with the fingers on both hands fused.  And I won’t be able to relate to what effect his Apert syndrome will have on his future.

Tonight is Marshall’s last night with fused fingers.  Tomorrow morning, he goes into surgery, and 8 hours later, he will have fingers.  In a few weeks, when the dressing comes off for good, he will discover that his hands will be different from what he has known all his short life.  I can’t wait to see what he does with them.

I’ll miss your old hands, Marshy.  They are, like you, beautiful.

5 thoughts on “Fingers

  1. Lovely blog as always, Dennis. We’ll all miss Marshy’s fused fingers, but hopefully he’ll be happy with his new separated ones. Good luck to you all.


  2. We wish the whole family, especially Marshy, the best of luck. We will be thinking of your dear, sweet, and brave little boy today. A big hug to you all. XO Allison


  3. We will be thinking of all of you guys today, especially Marshy, and wish you the best of the luck. You have such a brave and beautiful little boy. xoxo


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